The firm has a distinguished legal team of outstanding advisors capable of representing clients and following up their commercial, civil, criminal, legal, administrative, or financial cases before various judicial and quasi-judicial authorities, dispute settlement committees, judicial investigative authorities, and governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad, and whether this representation is associated with specific judicial or legal suits or general cases. Additionally, the firm has a distinguished legal crew through which it can provide its individual, family, company, institution or association clients with specialized legal consultants to represent them in all legal and judicial issues.

This law branch is considered the most meticulous type of public law due to its close connection to human life and to the aggressions threatening a man’s life, honor, and property. In addition to what is implemented by penal provisions for the protection of public money, it needs accuracy in the understanding of the case at hand and applying the appropriate legal provisions, especially since defendants are often deprived of their liberty pending final judgment, as in cases of embezzlement and money usurpation, forgery, fraud or other crimes. Our firm provides its clients with legal services in the field of criminal law and for all types of criminal cases.

Al Jubairi Law Firm has the experience and ability to provide legal services related to all aspects of administrative law. The following are the most prominent legal services we provide in this area:

  • Providing legal consultations on administrative decisions issued by administrative authorities.
  • Appealing administrative decisions.
  • Representation of clients before administrative courts.

If we talk about bills, such as checks, bills to order, and bills of exchange, we are addressing an important aspect of transactions conducted by a large number of the community. Therefore, our firm gives this important aspect the first priority. The following are some of the most important services that we offer in this area:

  • Providing consultations and clarification of the best way to deal with bills, starting from drafting and ending with the correct procedures through which the rights are fulfilled.
  • Conducting appropriate legal settlements to amicably collect the value of bills.
  • Filing legal proceedings for lawsuits before the appropriate authorities, such as bill dispute settlement offices, and following up their enforcement and fulfilment.

Personal status issues are characterized by sensitivity due to their association in most cases with family aspects and their often negative effects on family relationships. Therefore, our firm always seeks to resolve its clients’ personal-status matters by amicable legitimate methods before resorting to any judicial action. Following are some of the most prominent legal services that we offer in this area:

  • Providing legal consultations on all legal aspects relating to personal-status matters, such as marriage, divorce, competence, guardianship, custody, wills, inheritance and estate disputes and division.
  • Representation of clients in matters of personal status before all judicial authorities.

Real-estate legal services are a major component of the legal services provided by Al Jubairi Law Firm. We support our clients working in all real-estate investment sectors. We have a team of consultants with in-depth legal expertise in real-estate property laws, and we offer integrated services in all stages of the real-estate lifespan

Modern forms of communication and data storage offer many advantages but also present challenges, exposing us to exploitation by those who seek to unlawfully acquire our data or access to the technology on which we all rely. To meet these challenges and threats, we have put together a team of experienced lawyers. Our team has many years of expertise in handling crisis management issues around the theft and loss of data, privacy and harassment as well as dealing with fraud and other financial crime. We also deal with the issues raised by the inter-dependencies of commercial relationships where increasingly, questions such as who should bear the risk of cybercrime in the supply chain are being addressed. Because of our crisis management background we are able to advise you on the best strategy to manage and resolve problems with the minimum disruption and impact on your business.

In the fast-changing media and technology sector, where many traditional approaches are under challenge, we believe that a combination of experience in contract preparation, negotiation and dispute resolution and a detailed understanding of IP, regulatory and licensing issues are critical. Businesses require professional advisers who understand the myriad issues affecting the industry. Our corporate lawyers have supported numerous transactions for media clients, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Our clients in this area include advertising agencies, interactive entertainment distributors, newspaper, music, consumer and academic book and magazine publishers, computer hardware, computer software, gaming, internet and e-commerce companies.

We will map out your current circumstances, comparing various options and proposing solutions that best suit your needs. Our service covers, for example, the following:

  • Drawing up a will, power of attorney for guardianship or pre-nuptial/post-nuptial agreement.
  • Drawing up other documents, such as deeds of sale for real estate and memorandums of association.
  • Matters concerning your personal and your family's taxation, such as the planning and execution of asset transfers within the family.

Recognised for our mix of M&A and corporate financing expertise and for a level of service that very few law firms can match. We support buyers and sellers at all stages of transactions – from bid preparation and submission to negotiation, sign-off and close. We advise on the full range of deal structures from public takeovers/tender offers through to divestments, auctions, take privates and demergers. Our track record in M&A, expertise and local knowledge ensure that we deliver cost-effective, high quality legal advice. Our close-knit team of lawyers across the world employs a common approach, which means we can handle cross-border deals effectively. Our sector teams work closely across our network of offices to provide clients with an unrivalled, seamless service. Strong sector knowledge built up from years of working with clients across all sectors, allows us to bring a strategic approach to our work, a deep understanding of industry issues and ensures we provide an efficient approach to due diligence.

Al Jubairi Law Firm is characterized by the provision of certified translation services of all kinds, from English to Arabic and vice versa for all types of documents, contracts and agreements. We have a carefully selected group of excellent translators with long experience in the field of translation. In addition, we have partnership relations with several nationally and internationally accredited translation offices. Furthermore, we offer our clients with certification services for translated documents through competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. We provide a full range of notarial services both to private individuals, trust and company managers, other law firms and to commercial firms engaged in international trade. Our services include:

  • preparing and witnessing powers of attorney and other documents for use abroad
  • authenticating company and business documents and transactions
  • dealing with the purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • the completion of documentation for the registration of a company or a branch abroad
  • taking and administering oaths, affirmations and declarations
  • drawing up ship protests in maritime matters
  • providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates and related inheritance matters of people who are abroad
  • authenticating personal documents and information for private individuals such as passports, qualification certificates, marriage certificates, decrees of divorce, birth and death certificates
  • authenticating and certifying signatures and documents for use abroad
  • attesting the authenticity of deeds and documents; and
  • authenticating all of our notarial certificates and documents with the Apostille or otherwise obtaining the required form of legalisation.