Al Jubairi Law Firm provides its clients with a range of distinguished legal services in all legal affairs related to Zakat and Income. Following are some of our major services in this area:

  • Dealing and negotiating with the Department of Zakat and Income on behalf of our clients regarding the various matters related to Zakat and income tax, including submission of Zakat declarations, and Zakat installment payments.
  • Solving legal problems related to the assessment of Zakat and income.
  • Objecting to the Authority’s assessments before competent judicial authorities.

Al Jubairi Law Firm has the expertise and capabilities necessary to provide legal consultations related to construction projects and engineering contracts, and following up of all legal affairs for such projects and their contracts from their early stages to completion. Following are the most important legal works provided by the office in this area:

  • Legal consultation related to the establishment of labor relations, contract management, governmental and private-sector tenders.
  • Drafting, formulating and amending construction contracts.
  • Providing legal solutions to problems related to tenders and all other disputes related to the business of construction companies and engineering contractors.
  • Representation of our clients before all judicial and administrative authorities on issues related to construction and engineering contracts.

Al Jubairi Law Firm provides legal research through the development of research and legal studies specialized in the various branches of law and regulations assumed by the Scientific, Religious, and jurisprudence Research Departments, which are some of the most important references in the areas of law and consultation. We also contribute to the deployment of their unique and outstanding research in support of the legal library and to the enrichment of thought for the total jurist community. In addition, our office provides legal training by conducting courses, especially for the staff of companies and private and public institutions, in accordance with high scientific specifications accommodating all legal disciplines with the assistance of experts in those areas.

Intellectual property Indicates creative thinking. We work, on our part, closely with our clients to develop, manage, and protect intellectual property, rights, and the arising benefits; including license agreements and their complementary conventions, providing integrated services on behalf of our clients for their products and services in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Following are our services in the field of intellectual property:

  • Registration of brand names, patents, industrial designs, and trademarks.
  • Conducting research for prior art work (logos) and preparation for obtaining their patents, in addition to conducting research on extent of freedom to use the patents in order to avoid any aggression that may occur on the freedom of use (FTO).
  • Drafting patent applications in all electrical, computer, mechanical and chemical technology sectors.
  • Submission and follow-up patent requests both locally and internationally and resolution of disputes relating to employee inventions.
  • Submission and follow-up on brand and trademark registration and renewal requests both locally and internationally.
  • Drafting license agreements and technology transfer agreements.
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights by representation before the competence of local and international courts.

Due to our commitment to the rules of professionalism, our firm defends the interests of its clients through effective litigation. If resorting to the judiciary is most apparent, we try to expedite the judicial process by satisfying the desire of our clients to resort to alternative means of dispute resolution, such as commercial mediation and arbitration, in all disputes which may be settled by such means, including trade, real estate, labor and intellectual property rights disputes. We have a group of consultants specialized in arbitration work, ranging from preparing arbitration documents and attending hearings, to judgments and execution. The following are some of the most prominent legal services that we offer in this field:

  • Preparation of arbitration documents and pursing the legal procedures regarding the formation of an arbitration tribunal.
  • Representing clients before arbitration tribunals and providing legal advice on the extent of the arbitration proceedings and the rulings issued by the legal arbitration tribunal, and appealing against them.
  • Providing legal advice on the enforcement of national and foreign arbitration judgments and pursuing their procedures.

The geographical location and economic position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia make it an optimal region to receive investments coming from around the world, either the West or the East, including the benefit as much as possible of the infrastructure projects undertaken by the Kingdom in particular and the GCC States in general. Therefore, the firm has extensive expertise in the provision of legal services to foreign companies seeking to invest in the Kingdom, as well as supporting Saudi companies that receive investment from allies abroad. We thus support our clients in every stage of the implementation of their investment projects. Following are some of our most prominent legal work in the field of investment:

  • Representation of clients in all disputes arising out of foreign investments within and outside the Kingdom.
  • Providing legal advice to Saudi investors wishing to invest abroad on foreign investment laws.
  • Providing legal advice to foreign investors about areas for foreign-capital investment, commercial and industrial sectors in which they may invest and the appropriate geographic areas for foreign investment, as well as finding suitable local partners to participate in foreign investment projects.
  • Providing legal advice on structuring investment.
  • Proceeding legal and administrative procedures required to obtain licenses for national and foreign investments and taking advantage of the facilities and legal incentives to encourage foreign investment

Talking about banking for us means accuracy, privacy, confidentiality and finding traditional and non-traditional solutions for disputes arising in this sector to preserve the rights of our clients and protect them legally. Therefore, Al Jubairi Law Firm focuses on strengthening the firm with a group of distinguished and competent consultants who have long experience in the banking industry. Following is only a sample of the legal business provided by the office in banks:

  • Providing legal advice on conventional loans, financing trade operations, and preparation and study of loan and bank mortgage contracts.
  • Providing legal advice in the field of issuance of Islamic finance instruments, establishment of banks and finance companies, and Islamic investment.
  • Negotiating with banks on settlement of resulting debts owed by third parties.
  • Representation of clients in all banking disputes, banking business, legal claims arising from loans, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, and all credit contracts.
  • Managing implementation and collection of bank dues owed by third parties.
  • Providing legal advice on documentary credits, letters of guarantee, and all credit contracts. • Legal review of banking transactions to meet all formal and substantive elements.
  • Providing legal advice on current accounts, savings accounts, deposits, saving certificates, check issuance and legal issues arising from them.

Due to the great impact of land, sea and air freight in the field of transportation of goods and passengers, and given the speedy and interlacing relationships between transport process parties due to the fact of differing laws between the shipping country and the country of discharge, and the presence of several models for transport contracts, the legal business we offer gains major importance in this field. Therefore, we provide legal services to all companies operating in the field of air, sea and land transport, travel, tourism, transport, and air, sea and land clearance. Following are some of our most important legal works in the field of transport:

  • Providing legal advice on transport operations for companies and entities engaged in maritime, air and land transport and via pipelines.
    Our legal services cover also the various kinds of public and private transport companies (freight and passenger), terminals and ports operators, shipping companies and mediation companies, vessel lessors and lessees, aircraft and other means of transport in addition to goods shipping and receiving companies.
  • Representation of the owners and charterers of vessels and freight agencies on various legal issues related to companies, transactions and responsibility.
  • Providing legal advice on the implementation of various kinds of transport contracts, such as vessels, aircrafts and land-transport charters, mortgage, finance, shipping contracts, shipbuilding contracts and disputes arising therefrom.
  • Providing legal services on airline operation rights, claims of breaching aviation laws, ownership, and disposition of aircraft.
  • Following up various claims arising among transport contracting parties and the settlement of disputes relating thereto.

The energy industry is constantly facing changes with environmental challenges and demand-driven challenges. Our legal experience extends to all energy technicalities, starting with plants powered by coal, by thermal gas, by water, by hydroelectric power, and by electric power projects. We have the experience for each stage of the project, starting from the development stage of the plant, its establishment, to final production. Therefore, our firm represents different people, organizations and companies relevant to the various branches of energy, such as electricity, electricity generation, oil, natural gas, and other productive and assistant activities in the manufacturing process. The following are some of our most prominent services in this area:

  • Representation of our clients in all issues, performing all legal procedures related to energy issues before all judicial and administrative authorities, and amicably and judicially settling disputes relating to energy activities.
  • Providing advice to our clients in light of the current energy laws regulating this activity, and extrapolation of the expected future laws that will affect the course of this activity.
  • Providing legal advice on negotiating commercial contracts for generating, sending, distribution, and supply of electric power, energy co-production contracts, and concluding agreements on joint operation at the international level.

Due to the modern commercial and industrial boom, the insurance sector has witnessed an increase in growth and prosperity, and insurance awareness increase among all. Given our expertise gained on the theoretical and practical aspects in this area, we provide legal services to the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia, whether for companies or individuals, such as follows:

  • Provision of opinion and legal advice with respect to insurance coverage for individuals and companies of all types, such as insurance against fire, loss of property, auto accidents, professional negligence or personal injury.
  • Representation of clients in all cases relating to insurance disputes.
  • Settlement of disputes involving insurance settlements and negotiations with insurance companies about payment.

Our legal team has the experience and the ability to provide legal services for all aspects related to the issues of labor and employment. Following are some of our most important services in this area:

  • Representation of our clients in all labor cases before all the judicial authorities and the Ministry of Labor, taking legal actions regarding labor-contract termination, determination of labor legal entitlements, severance pay, and resolving related legal disputes.
  • Providing advice to employers and employees about what legal actions should be taken to preserve their positions.
  • Providing legal advice regarding recruitment of foreign labor.
  • Drafting and amending collective and individual employment contracts.
  • Preparation of internal labor regulations for companies and institutions that address all the rights and obligations of their employees with all their different position grades and specialties, and obtaining the approval of the specialized authorities to meet the interests of our clients.

Our team provides legal advice related to debt, transactions, and major and complex rights; including public offerings, priority rights, private placement, Islamic bonds, governmental bonds, corporate bonds and derivatives. We offer consultations on all aspects of capital-market transactions, including the following:

  • Participating in the drafting sessions.
  • Commenting on Share Non Sale agreements.
  • Offering consultations on share issuances and offerings.
  • Commenting on press releases and general information to the issuer entity with respect to the transaction.
  • Reviewing contract correspondences between the issuer and the auditors, before signing, and any reassurance letters provided by auditors.
  • Offering consultations on legal restrictions related to securities marketing, advertisement and recommended actions.

Al Jubairi Law Firm has experience in the preparation, drafting, and review of international and domestic civil, commercial, and administrative contracts; negotiating with third parties on their conditions, requirements, and modifications; and providing solutions and suggestions and following up solutions regarding legal and judicial issues impeding their implementation.

Our firm is one of the leading law firms providing legal services related to all types of businesses based on having a distinguished and carefully selected group of legal advisers. The following are the most important legal functions we render for commercial companies:

  • Completing procedures for obtaining licenses for branches of foreign companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Amending companies' statuaries and proceeding for their amendment and registration.
  • Completing legal procedures regarding changing or amending corporate activity after its establishment, converting or merging.
  • Representation of Saudi companies and institutions abroad by providing legal advice, interpretation of laws, overcoming work difficulties, contract drafting and interpretation, settlement of disputes related to their work before judicial or administrative competent authorities, developing internal work regulations consistent with foreign laws and regulations, and registration of trademarks and brand names.