Who We Are
Al Jubairi Law Firm maintains that the role of law firms in any corner of the world is not limited to pleading in courts or trying to seek judgments and decisions, but it goes beyond that from the beginning it is a commitment to operate honestly and transparently and to ensure the satisfaction of the client. This requires expertise in all legal and procedural aspects. Hence, Al Jubairi practices the legal work related to all commercial, economic, civil and administrative activities and offers legal consultation through specialists, whether employees or contractors, expert within all areas of law. Our staff represents our clients regarding the issues they face that require seeking justice or competent committees as representatives of companies, institutions or individuals before all courts and judicial committees.

Our Vision
Reaching the forefront in providing the highest quality legal work in various fields through the mobilization of outstanding individual expertise, skills, and competencies. Within a unique team to ensure the provision of diverse legal services compliant with Islamic laws (Sharia) and applicable laws and ensures the optimal judicial and legal representation of clients in front of all specialized authorities and concerned parties. Whether judicial, quasi-judicial, administrative, governmental, quasi-governmental or private, while balancing between legal risks, clients’ interests and the cost of legal services within the framework of the underlying principles and the highest ethics of the legal profession.

Our Values
Al Jubairi Law Firm believes that the provision of the highest quality of legal work cannot be achieved without the presence of the following basic values:
• Credibility and transparency.
• Comprehensiveness of legal business.
• Flexibility in dealing with clients.
• Confidentiality at work to maintain the interests of the client
• Commitment to provide outstanding performance in accomplishing the work.

Our Mission
Safeguarding the rights of our clients guaranteed under Islamic Law (Sharia) and Saudi law by providing distinctive integrated legal work, consistent with our vision, compliant to the highest standards and delivered in a timely fashion to always exceed clients’ expectations while maintaining our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Company focus and approach
As a corporate and commercial law firm, we focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. Our client base requires a rapid response, appropriate advice and innovative legal solutions based on a full understanding of their individual business needs. The practice is built on its reputation of exceptional service delivery coupled with appropriate and outstanding skills and expertise. We believe in following a holistic approach to ensure that our clients receive best advice at all times.
Our firm is geared for efficiency and accessibility through the range of services we offer and how entreat with our clients. Through our effective network of associates, we can respond swiftly to address the needs of our clients locally and abroad. In search of excellence for the benefit of our clients, we continually seek to find a balance between appropriate legal services and cost-efficiency. We have a keen understanding of global economic and market trends and combined with our commitment to excellence, we have the ability to cut straight to the chase in any matter.