Who We Are

Al Jubairi Law Firm maintains that the role of law firms in any corner of the world is not limited to pleading in courts or trying to seek judgments and decisions, but it goes beyond that — from the beginning it is a commitment to operate honestly and transparently and to ensure the satisfaction of the client. This requires expertise in all legal and procedural aspects Hence, Al Jubairi Law Firm initiates legal actions related to all areas of specialization and provides studies, legal advice, representation of companies, institutions and individuals before all courts and competent committees.

Our Vision

Reaching the forefront in providing the highest quality legal work in various fields through the mobilization of outstanding individual expertise, skills, and competencies within a unique team to ensure the provision of diverse legal services compliant with Islamic laws and applicable laws to ensure that justice is always served.

Our Values

Al Jubairi Law Firm believes that the provision of the highest quality of legal work cannot be achieved without the presence of the following basic values:

  • Credibility and transparency
  • Comprehensiveness of legal business.
  • Flexibility in dealing with clients.
  • Confidentiality at work.
  • Commitment to provide outstanding performance.

Our Mission

Ensuring that justice is always served, and striving to be among the top five law firms in the world.

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